Welcome to Egypt
Traveling to Egypt now became more usual for many Russians than the trips to Sochi earlier. It is not far. No visa is needed. It is rather cheap. The sun is shining and the sea is warm all year round. Egypt is an endless holiday
  Criminal situation:  


The rate of crimes is very low in Egypt. This fact makes Egypt popular for foreign tourists and buyers. During the last times the security is a key moment in the world of business. The guests of Egypt are always surprised with that fact and want to see personally that there is practically no criminality and the stealing is very rare. It is secure everywhere over there and you can have a walk even late in the night  
Climate is very dry that’s why regardless the heat it is never oppressive there. Summer time lasts the whole year and swimming season doesn’t stop even in winter. There seldom are rains


Geographical and historical information

Egypt is a cradle of one of the oldest civilizations in the history of humanity. This civilization has left its traces in the tremendous monuments of  Pharaohs, Greek-Roman Empire, Islamic culture and works of modern art as well

Thanks to the advantageous geographical situation, Egypt became the most beloved place of meeting of East and West. Dry eternal summer, exotic virgin nature, sand beaches along the River Nile, The Mediterranean and the Red Sea make an individual and unique (inimitable) beauty of the country. Fabulous mirage and sunsets over the sand hills (sand dunes) of the huge deserts, green pearls of oasis and friendly and hospitable people are waiting for you all the year around

Egypt is a wonderful country with a rich historical past. Every city – Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Port Said, Cairo – is an alive history. Thanks to that fact Egypt has got its inimitable features and traditions. Famous Egyptian Pyramids, Pharaohs’ Village in El-Giza, ancient temples in Luxor, historical mosques in Cairo – all these marvelous echoes from the past matches with the modern hotels, fashionable buildings and huge commercial centers. And all through the ages and distances Egypt receives the guests with open hands


Cost of living

Relatively low cost of living in Egypt becomes appealing for the potential buyers who can lead a comfortable life at low expenditures. The local markets produce a huge number of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. The modern supermarkets offer a huge choice of local and imported goods. As for medicinal services, it is utterly cheap in the governmental hospitals. If you prefer private medicine there is a big choice of various specialists at your disposal, including surgeons and dentists. The average cost of a private consultation is about 30-50 Egyptian pounds


Currency: Egyptian pound; 1dollar = 6 Egyptian pounds

The head of Egyptian government is the president. This system is supposed to respect the rights of an individual

In Egypt there are international pre-school institutions of high level where the international personnel is working. The main language in the international organizations of this kind is English

Arabic is the official state language. English is considered as the second one and almost everybody is speaking it or understanding at least. As the tourist industry is developing, more and more Egyptians are speaking French and German

Domestic pets:
It is allowed to bring cats and dogs, but it is necessary to get a medicinal passport from veterinarian beforehand

The most comfortable and the cheapest kind of transport is the taxi. In Hurghada there is a route taxi. To go to wherever in the town costs 1 pound (1/6 dollar). The traffic in Egypt is left-handed

There is a developed system of head ways connecting the main points of the country and a modern TV communication – approximately 660 channels. The mobile telephonic system is cheap and reliable. The in-coming calls are free of charge at all the tariffs

Attitude to foreigners:
To tell the truth they love foreigners in Egypt. You will be repeatedly offered with a glass of famous local drink. On the whole the Egyptians are affable and hospitable

Visitors to Egypt require an entry visa which may be obtained in person in 24 hours, or by post (which however make take up to two weeks) from an Egyptian Consulate. Visas are also obtainable on arrival in the country

Tourists must be in possession of an international passport which is valid for at least six months

Egypt Travel Destinations:

Egypt could be said to have six different tourist super-sites.  Each has its own flavor, and mostly each serves a different purpose.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, most of these tourist areas do not depend on ancient monuments to sustain them.  In fact, only Luxor is completely dependent on this trade.  These super-sites consist of



Cairo and the immediate area around the City.  Cairo has everything.  Cairo has great hotels, entertainment, restaurants, all manner of monuments from throughout the history of Egypt and it is often the entry point for most people visiting Egypt. It even has bowling allies and ,several golf courses to chose from


Alexandria and the immediate area around the City.  It could in fact be argued that this area extends to Marsa Matruh to the west on the coast.  The area has a Mediterranean feel about it, and the attraction is the Mediterranean Sea, and to the people of Cairo, a somewhat cooler climate


Luxor, and the surrounding area.  Luxor is a living museum with vast numbers of ancient Egyptian monuments.  It is also highly oriented to tourists, and might be thought of in the same regard as a theme park, where the attractions just happen to be real monuments


Aswan and the surrounding area.  Aswan is probably the least of the super-site tourist areas, but has great hotels, along with the huge Lake Nasser just to the south


Hurghada and the surrounding area, particularly El Gouna.  Not to far apart are El Gouna, Hurghada and Safaga, and these areas contain just about everything a tourist would like to have, with the exception of ancient monuments.  They make up for that with every variety of water sports, several golf courses, casinos and more. The Red Sea area has less of an Egyptian feel, but not as European as the Sinai

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, and the surrounding area including Sharks Bay.  This is the Sinai super-site, again with most everything any tourist might wish.  There are even some wonderful Christian monuments nearby, and the water sports, as at Hurghada, are all inclusive

This is not to say that there are many more tourist destinations, particularly on the Red Sea and in Sinai, and on Egypt's mainland interior, the oases. However, in much of the rest of the mainland interior, travel and destinations are limited. However, the tourist super-sites encompass perhaps ninety-five percent of the ancient monuments, and most else there is to do in Egypt